The quintessential meaning of Zeya is "Success". Zeya is born out of heritage and values and yet carries 'Modern' look in its designs and craftsmanship. Zeya is the latest offering that KUNDAN Group has brought to you that is affordable, fashionable, quality-assured and for the 'New- You'. It is inspired by fashion and one of the trendiest in town! Our jewellery is light-weight, budget-friendly and crafted in European cubic Zirconia with 18k and 22K which gives your every-day wear a new 'Sparkle'. Our innovative team of designers has worked hard to encapsulate the essence of Indian jewellery and give you designs which are trendy yet Indian. So acquire your first ZEYA collection and make your mark! ZEYA not only adorns you but does not shy away to make a statement! Zeya desires to be a sought-after and the preferred brand of jewellery for every-day wear.

Our Design Philosophy

Zeya has been handcrafted with care for connoisseurs of jewellery who have a modern taste and outlook. It is chic, stylish and envisaged for everyday wear. It has a wide range of bespoke designs and the collections include-pendants, rings, earrings, nose pins and others. The gold jewellery comes with the inspirational designs and the adorned with cubic Zirconia which lends the poise and glamour to the artistic pieces that are handcrafted for you.

Our Craftsmanship

The unique unconventional shapes and patterns make ZEYA a trendsetter. Our craftsmen are highly trained professionals and our designers work very closely with model makers, polishers and setters to bring together the symphonized craftsmanship of contemporary & trend-setting jewellery. The purity and quality assurance adds to the effrontery of ZEYA collection.

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