Since its foundation in the year 1971, the group’s business has grown exponentially without any limitations to contain it.

Projections for the next few years suggest that its expansion is reaching its apex and is set to continue.

From the day of its inception till today, we have committed to make the group’s services and product offerings dependable and the finest.

The group has also productively handled its plethora of diversification in business and marked its geographic presence, with its offices located in different countries and branches in different states of India.

Due to its set motives and’go getter attitude’, undan group has been awarded as the’Premier Trading House’ which is one of the highest recognitions allocated by Government of India and that makes us immensely proud.

This has been made possible due to the group’s diligent management and staff who have worked as a unified entity towards set motives of constant organizational growth.

Other traits of our team involve a determined enthusiasm towards making our products meet the highest quality standards, be environmental friendly and at the same time also being internationally competitive.

Our group is always steadfastly committed to the path of success and steadiness which reflects in our products and services.

We have always adopted the most latest and advanced technology for our production units and assure that our products, practices and customer services will continue to be benchmarked against the world’s best and well known companies.

We want to be acknowledged as of the greatest companies when it comes to offering products and services of superior worth and stature.

I assure you that your conviction in us will encourage us to further improve our overall performance and boost our confidence in our belief to serve you even better.

Our obligation to our goals will make your decision to associate with us a fulfilling and rewarding investment and certainly not a one that you would regret.

Our core values, guiding philosophy of reliability and the paramount preference to our consumers make us a name that you can trust on, as many of our valuable patrons have done for the past two decades.

- Pradeep Garg
Udit Garg

Mr. Udit Garg puts his best foot forward to accelerate the company’s growth and its differentiation across myriad portfolios.

Additionally, he also oversees global delivery, quality and productivity of analyzing new opportunities for the company,which showcases his multitasking skills.

On acquiring a management degree at University of Wales in United Kingdom, 2008, he learned crucial business development skills and general business oriented practices, which gave him that added edge over his peers.

His expertise lies in setting up the domestic and international sales network amongst many other skills that he possesses.

After 2 years of joining Kundan, he tied up with the various reputed companies around the country and increased the chemical product range almost up to 10 times, which was the biggest and proudest achievement for the company.


Mr. Vidit Garg has a dedicated approach to achieve high performance, the maximum team work and to deliver a constant growth for the company.

As a Director, he is also responsible for Kundan’s s day-to-day business growth as well as its total achievements.

Apart from that, he handles and supervises the external matters of Kundan which involves challenging tasks like building partnerships with other companies, making broader business alliances and finalizing the business policies of the company.

In terms of education, he holds Masters Degree in Global Business Management from the Regent’s University, London.

After joining Kundan, he has shown his proficiency in the diversification of different business portfolios under the umbrella brand of the company and has led his major contribution to the company in the imports of gold. He embodies the core principles of trust and simultaneous hard work of the group to accomplish his set targets.

His plan is to take Kundan to a stature that has erstwhile been impossible to imagine.


Mr. Deepak Gupta started his journey in the year 1999, when he was appointed as a Chartered Accountant and till today he was never failed to fulfill his responsibilities and aims to make Kundan cross all horizons.

His incredible value system that comprises of his unbreakable dedication, his zeal and steadfast commitment has made Kundan what it is today.

He is also passionate towards the growth and profitability of the organization along with our other Board of Directors.

He believes in team work and consistency to deliver nothing but the best.

Possessing a comprehensive knowledge system and intensive learning skills, he has indeed been pivotal to Kundan by achieving the highest successful record of mergers, acquisition and achievements of the company.

His firm belief in the foundations of Kundan has been showcased in his uphill struggle from a CA to a Director.

An inspiration from many budding entrepreneur he is a force to be reckoned with.

© Kundan Group