Precious Metals

Precious metals are those which are valued for their color, malleability and rarity.
There are only three precious metals - gold, silver and platinum.
The global market of precious metals is professionally growing at a rapid pace are hence their demands keep on increasing because of its rare availability.
Another reason behind their constant dem
and is that, precious metals are different from, and in many cases opposed to the forces that influence most financial assets.

kundan in Precious metals market

Kundan has been in business of precious metals since 16 years and remains the leader in the trading of precious metals. Kundan has now aggressively and entered in the precious metals business.

It has established its branch at Noida Special Economic Zone and also acquired permission from Government of India to import various precious metals directly from overseas suppliers.

Being member of MCX, NCDEX which the leading Indian Forward exchange, Kundan has a number of options to hedge itself against price fluctuation and position itself amongst its competitors.

The prime objective of Kundan is to get precious metals business to reach new heights, optimize growth of our organization as well as our associates.

Likewise, we wish that our customers and suppliers share their experiences and knowledge with us to harmonize the synergy for growth of all of us and of the society at large.

Our costumers always come first for us.

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our qualities

Reduction of costs without compromising on quality of products and services.
Kundan is not confined and is looking ahead to explore every opportunity in the growing global economy.
Maintain leadership in precious metals, sales and marketing, logistics and excel in supply chain management

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