The Kundan Group is on its way to becoming India's leading Renewal Company. The group is committed to transforming renewable energy from real-time energy to a dispatch-able and controlled medium. Our core belief is in sustainability both operationally and environmentally.

About Us

Headquartered in New Delhi, the Kundan Group has a turnover of 2 billion USD and employs approximately 700 people around the world.

Our company is proud of its reputation as an ethical company with a dynamic zeal with an ambitious spirit. We are the people with a passion for success and an obsession to be at the top.

Our Directors have envisioned leading and steering the company to take the Kundan Group to a helm, not imagined before!

Our Plants

Sustainability is at the core of our business strategy. In our operation, we achieve this by maintaining high levels of energy efficiency for our power generating stations and increasing our renewable portfolio. At present Kundan Group have Hydro Electric plants and Wind Mill projects in Kut, Rajpur, Sangli, Jodhpur, Patan and some more projects under pipeline.


To use the appropriate technical capabilities and skills required to become a leader in the renewable energy sector.

To deal with customers that share the same values of integrity and ethics as our company and serve them with the best we have to offer. Provide timely and effective services to our customers and maintain a high level of integrity and honesty in all internal and external business transactions.

Ensure full compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and also become the 'employers of choice' for all employees and prospective hires through the adoption of leading HR practices.

Services Provided

Hydropower is a renewable, non-polluting and environmentally benign source of energy. It is perhaps the oldest renewable energy technique known to mankind for mechanical energy conversion as well as electricity generation. Hydropower represents the use of water resources towards inflation free energy due to the absence of fuel cost with mature technology characterized by highest prime moving efficiency and spectacular operational flexibility.

Our Windmills are precisely engineered to yield maximum energy and optimized wind farm performance adapted to diverse operating conditions. With Wind energy being the fastest growing power source in India, the group is actively contributing to the country's transition from fossil fuel dependency to clean energy generation.

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