Kundan is unswerving to provide customers with supreme quality and customer satisfaction in terms of their services.

We work hand in hand with customers to ensure success in the market – oriented field of products and solutions.

The company's commitment is to provide high quality customer service and assures highest level of customer satisfaction and net performance.

We also try to keep pace with the latest technology so that our products and services fulfill the increasing demands of the population.

We believe that when the nation grows, you grow with it. Hence, at Kundan the commitment to succeed never dies and we never fail to do so because we constantly want to grow.

We try to eradicate any obstacle that hinders our objective and overcome it by escalating our dedication and dynamism.

Our Policy

Kundan endeavors to embed the principles of sustainability into the various stages of product or service life-cycle including procurement of raw material & service, manufacturing of product or delivery of service to transportation of raw materials and finished goods, and disposal by consumers.

We ensure that our products and services comply with all applicable status and regulations.

We strive to work towards safe and optimal resource use over the life-cycle of its products and services, including recycling of resources wherever possible.

We aim to provide equal opportunities to beneficiaries of the company's CSR Programmers as vendors or employees on merit cycling of resources wherever possible to provide a work environment that is free from any form of discrimination

To continue to progressively factor in relevant social and environmental considerations during the process of development of products & services.

To consistently recognize and respect the rights of people who may be owners of traditional knowledge, and other forms of intellectual property, wherever relevant.

corporate journey

Kundan is a board-managed professional company, committed to create enduring values for the Nation and the stakeholders. It has a rich organizational culture rooted in its core values of respect for people and an ultimate belief in empowerment. Its philosophy of all-round value creation is backed by strong corporate governance policies and systems that go hand in hand.

Kundan Corporate strategies are as follows:

  • Create multiple drivers of growth by developing a portfolio of world class businesses that best matches organizational capability with opportunities in domestic and export markets in addition to continue to focus on the chosen portfolio.
  • Ensure that each of its businesses is world class and internationally competitive.
  • Create distributed leadership within the organization by nurturing talented and focused top management teams for each of the businesses.
  • Continuously strengthen and refine corporate governance processes and systems to catalyze the entrepreneurial energies of management by striking the golden balance between executive freedom and the need for effective control and accountability.
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