Kundan is the most trusted name in terms of supplying Indian basmati rice across the world.

With the finest rice paddies and innovative use of machine technology we have consistently produced top quality rice products which have gained us a large customer base.

We are also known as one of the oldest and largest rice miller and exporter of indian basmati rice having our own 3 mills in India and are exporting the finest variety of basmati rice in more than 35 countries internationally.

Kundan rice brands which range from "Kitchen King", "Vikrant" to "Emperor" has marked a tremendous growth in international as well as domestic market and is still continuing.

The procurement of paddy is done after lot of research and tedious efforts by our highly qualified and experienced R&D team. Our vision is to preserve and enrich the legacy of Basmati in India and to emerge as the industrial benchmark for product quality and customer service.

We even have a strong distribution network as our base in all major cities of India and exporting to major sea ports in Europe, Middle East, Africa and also America. We believe that quality and consistency are the trademarks for an efficient and successful establishment and we envision abiding by it in the coming years.


Quality has always been a prime and top consideration in Kundan. Quality management at "KRML" starts at the grass-root level and continues till the product finally reaches the consumer. We are equipped with the most modern machinery and advanced laboratories for extensive testing to fulfill this criteria.

Products/ Brands

Along with the exclusive range of basmati 1121 along with other varieties of pusa basmati we also excel in Kitchen King Premium extra long grain rice which is a treasured species of "1121 Basmati Rice".

True to its name, Kitchen King Basmati premium extra long grain rice is a unique combination of long grained, aromatic and flavored rice.

For years, we have been committed to preserve the purity of basmati rice and we ensure that the legend of pure basmati continues to flourish in full speed.

To gauge the tedious process of producing top quality rice and what makes it unique is the fact that Kitchen King premium extra long grain basmati rice is cultivated at the foot of Himalayas and watered by river Ganges for thousands of years.

Basmati rice is also aged and dried to intensify its flavor and it has its own attributes in which the grain doubles in size and won't break or stick together, giving you a feeling of aromatic freshness along with fluffy and pillow soft rice.

Plant & technology

KRML has the world's latest technology at its plant at Panipat, Haryana. It is one of the largest in the country with a milling capacity of 20 tons per hour. The entire chain is fully automated. Packaging for both export as well as domestic markets, is done in a fully automated plant, with nitrogen flushing facility. This ensures quality consistency and protection from the weevils in the commodity.

Kitchen king premium extra long grain Basmati rice is cultivated at the foot of Himalayas watered by River Ganges for thousands of Years

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