Jolen Inc. is almost a 57 year old brand that was found in the United States of America and has become highly famous in contemporary times.
Since its inception in 1955, till date it has been quality promising and has maintained its reputation and brand name.
It has now claimed universal recognition and been a trusted brand over the years.
It gained its popularity especially amongst Indian Women and now is winning hearts worldwide with its wide range of beauty products.

Kundan Care Products Limited (Kundan Group) takes pride in introducing its lavishly royal and widely accepted brand from the USA in Indian states.

The start of this golden era was in 2004 when Kundan became the exclusive licensee for Jolen in India and other neighboring countries.

The retail presence of Jolen is with over 1000 distributors and sub-distributors, serving more than one million outlets all over the country.

The manufacturing and R&D units are equipped with skillful manpower, advanced layout and ultra-modern technology used in different processes, assures overall quality, safety and maintenance processes under the supervision of Jolen Inc. USA.

The uniqueness in its formulation and our environmental friendly approach is an asset for the company and community.

Jolen continuously focuses on the innovation of high performance and produces world class cosmetics products, skincare and beauty products for Indian women.

Combining international cosmetic technology with an in-depth understanding of the needs and demands of Indian women, Jolen offers its consumers a wide range of beauty experience through its products.

Being the largest manufacturer of bleach, Jolen is now a household name and an undisputed choice of customers globally.


Jolen Creme Bleach
Creme Hair Remover
Face Cleansing Gel
Face Wash
Face Pack
Sun Shield Creme
Hair Gel
Lip Balm

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