raw cashew nuts

RAW CASHEW NUT (also known as raw cashew nut in shell, raw cashew and cashew seed) is a naturally available item, from a cashew tree. It is grown in India, Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam etc.

The word "Cashew" originates from the Portuguese name and "caju", which in turn has been derived from the Indian-Tupi name "acaju".


Since a long time, Cashew Nuts along with other tree nuts, are considered to be an essential source of nutrients. Nuts are nutrients filled seeds that directly enhance the development of human body and life.
Cashew Nut Kernels contain around 47% fat, 21% protein, 5.9% moisture, 0.45% phosphorus, 22% carbohydrates, 5% iron and .05% calcium in every 100 gms.

Cashew Nuts are rich in essential amino acids. The Cashew Nut Kernel is a good source of minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.
It has been noted that Cashew Nuts provide more amount of essential trace elements like iron, copper and zinc than all other Nuts.
After processing cashew nut kernels from Raw Cashew, the remaining outer shells are used for manufacturing cashew nut shell liquid.
Being low in fat, having zero cholesterol, and high protein content, makes cashew nuts a widely consumed dry fruit throughout India.

Kundan Cashews

Kundan International Private Limited is one of the leading importers of cashews in their raw form. We specialise in bringing raw African cashew nuts to Asia. The raw cashew nuts, which we deliver, are the finest quality of unshelled nuts, supplied directly from 'the bush' to all our associates and suppliers. The raw cashew nuts dispatched by us, come from the best locations of cashew cultivation in West Africa, including Ghana, Guinea- Bissau, Ivory Coast and Tanzania. We are planning extend our business to other cashew origin countries like Benin, Burkina, Mozambique and Indonesia. The cashews are supplied with the assurance of being in accordance fully with the top grade specifications for Indian cashew nuts kernel.

We majorly utilise the ports of Cochin and Tuticorin to import our raw cashew nuts. Centred primarily in south India, our reach of raw cashew nut suppliers expands throughout the country. Our trade practices ensure an uninterrupted supply of raw cashew nuts at competitive prices, in the domestic market.


We provide superior quality of raw cashew nuts throughout the country. Cashew nuts are classified on the basis of the colour of the nut, cohesiveness of the nut and the organic odour of the nut. Quality assurance of raw cashew nuts is ensured by proper handling of the packages, employing proper packaging techniques. Grade level storage facilities further safeguard the raw cashew nuts from moulds, insects and insect damages, rodent contamination, and occurrence of rancidity. These practices significantly lower the inevitable spoilage rate of the raw cashew nuts.


The premium quality of raw cashew nuts come from cashew trees, which are younger than ten to fifteen years of age. These evergreen trees are widely cultivated in West Africa and Asia, due to the suitable soil quality. The nutritious nut, that is the cashew nut, comes from cashew apples growing on these trees and thrives in the tropical climate.

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